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We believe that your future has to be in the hands of specialists and let you advise, we will always do the best for you

The work of the soccer player representative also consists of everything that happens outside the field of play, although sometimes the figure is limited to negotiating new contracts, the reality is that agents must manage a wide variety of elements that are part of the player’s day to day.

We can consider ourselves «Angels of the Guardian», we advise you, we follow your steps, we defend your rights, we take care of your future.

It is always advisable to leave your negotiations in the hands of experts in this world. Failure to do so means making serious mistakes in the long run, not knowing how to manage your finances can make you find yourself at the end of your career without having any benefit from everything worked.

The advisors advise you on investing, on choosing equipment, offers, duration of contracts, personalized support in all aspects.

Always to
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Our advisors will make a personalized follow-up to each player, we will be controlling all their steps, we will analyze the attitudes, we will make the evaluations week by week, we will talk with the people in charge of each club and we will dialogue with all the parties with the maximum transparency.

Sports Advice

The player representative is a natural person, authorized by him to negotiate with the clubs or to be able to agree on a transfer agreement between two clubs.
A Player Representative can represent one or more professional or amateur athletes in one or more football clubs. The Representative is the physical person who defends the interests of his player before a club or several, looking for the best option for him.


The representative or Advisor will defend above all the financial aspects of the player. The agent also plays a vital role in helping a player control his finances, not only about the player’s salary, but also about financial stability after he stops playing.
The Representative has to help the player make the right decisions so he can maintain his current lifestyle even after he retires. He will advise said player to make investments to have benefits at the end of his sports career.


The hiring of the player will be through a two-year contract. The candidate must keep in mind the five main points of the agents, which translate into dignified behavior, in the performance of the activity, be respectful to their peers and to the club to which they belong, have a good attitude, be advised in everything moment and above all trust the decisions of their Representatives or Advisors.


(In some cases)

In some cases, sports signatures can be negotiated through which the player can benefit (either with clothes or with pay). In the case of sponsorship the player will lend his image to the firm that wants to hire him under previous negotiations.


Our advisors make a personalized follow-up of each player. We are in continuous contact with the secretaries, the technicians and the coaches to know the latest news about the player, attitude, behavior, training, etc.


We try as much as possible to be able to witness the training and official matches to directly see the athlete’s program and wrap him at all times in the face of problems that may arise. Our motto is to be aware of your needs 24 hours a day.


At all times we have open both telephone and email lines for any queries of our athletes.

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